Eddie is a civilian of Albion who appears in an Odd Job in Destroy All Humans! 2.


In the Odd Job, Crypto (disguised as a female hippie) talks to Eddie. In the conversation, we learn that Eddie's wife's friend Liz has gone through a sex-change operation and is now called Liam. Eddie claims the idea to be disgusting, but Crypto scans Eddie and it's revealed he secretly wants the sex change as well. Crypto then performs a Body Snatch on Eddie and calls his wife Reeny and tells her that he wants the sex change and has already begun hormone therapy.

Shocked, Reeny demands Eddie to meet her and talk about this. Crypto (disguised as Eddie) meets up to Reeny and coldly condemns her to a life of suffering with Eddie. According the the local newspaper at the end of the Odd Job, after the event Reeny left Eddie.


  • To tell him apart from the usual Albion Urban Males, Eddie sports no hat and wears sunglasses instead.


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