Doctor Orlov

Doctor Yevgeniy Orlov is a Russian scientist. Voiced by David Shaughnessy.


Doctor Orlov was a scientist who worked on Project Solaris until he saw some "strange things" (referring to the Blisk.)

Crypto rescues him when his cabin is under attack from by KGB Agents and the Army. After being rescued, Doctor Orlov informs Crypto that he had been working on a weapon that would defeat the Blisk. Crypto finds it in Science Town and it's revealed to be a datacore that is able to upgrade Crypto's weapons to cause more harm to Blisk.

However, after revealing the location of the datacore to Crypto, Orlov is arrested by the KGB and imprisoned inside of a gulag in the KGB Base. Crypto later talks to Orlov when in search of Natalya Ivanova, in which Orlov tells her that she was being delivered to the Blisk Base north of the base.

After exterminating all the Blisk in Tunguska, there's an odd job where Crypto has to save Doctor Orlov from the KGB Base and returns him to a cabin in Frozen Lake. He is mentioned very briefly in the documents post-mission, which revealed that the escape of him led to high-ranked KGB agent Zablitsky's demotion.


  • Doctor Orlov mentions making "computer games" on his spare time but Crypto says that he shouldn't waste his time.
  • Crypto mentions that he doesn't get "cool pronunciation" like Dr. Go!.