The Distress Signal Blisk is an unnamed Blisk Warrior who appears in the only Odd Job in Solaris.


A Blisk is seen in Solaris attempting to make a call to any other lifeforms in space to call for help. His message however, is sabotaged by Crypto. Crypto then changes the signal to threaten the Blisk that they are about become extinct.

Seeing as there were few Blisk left and he himself stated that most of them had been destroyed, it can be assumed that he perished along with the other Blisk once Crypto destroyed the rest of them.


  • "Attention, any sentient beings in the vicinity of Sector-13: we are Blisk, transmitting emergency signal to any receiving ships. Mayday...Mayday..." (First lines)
  • "We are pinned down in firefight on moon Sol-3! Few Blisk units still remain! Most have been slaughtered! Our only hope is rescue..."
  • "Approach with caution- genocidal nemesis lurking! This signal will repeat." (Last lines)


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