Cult arkvoodle

Cult of Arkvoodle marking

The Cult of Arkvoodle is a cult started by Cryptosporidium to convince humans to worship the Furon god, Arkvoodle.


The Cult has been started by Crypto to enslave humans into worshipping his Furon god, Arkvoodle. To this end, he makes use of the Hippie Guru Shama Llama, allowing him to manage the Cult of Arkvoodle, who all the while was becoming arrogant with his power. Shama has Crypto convert new members, advertise the cult using the Saucer without destroying anyone, and protect the culties from enemy forces (like the police, government molesKGB, and Black Ninjas) to promote the cult in the cities that they travel to.

Once all of Bay City, Albion, and Takoshima become loyal to the cult and Crypto has found all of the alien artifacts, Shama Llama helps Crypto get a new weapon called the Burrow Beast, by using cult worshippers to perform a ceremony at the Zen Temple to summon Arkvoodle, so he will reveal the weapon's location to Crypto.

Finally, Shama Llama has grown too cocky and proclaimed himself the face of the Arkvoodle Cult. He is killed by Crypto for having outlived his usefulness. After Shama Llama is killed, the son of Sleepy Ernst is made the leader/manager of the cult, but it ends up a complete waste. A Takoshima paper ad says that Ernst led the Cult into hell.... so to speak. It was completely dissolved.



  • The Cult of Arkvoodle was mentioned in Path of the Furon. In a conversation branch, Crypto asks how the Lunarians started and how Crypto and Pox had the alien worshipping cult market cornered back in the sixties.