Cosmonaut Leonid is a minor character in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Leonid is a Russian scientist working on Solaris. Leonid appears to dislike the Blisk and wants to overthrow them, but his inner thoughts show that he believes that there is no way to do so. However, he appears to be quite popular with the Cosmonauts, who see him as a good public speaker who aligns with their views. It is possible that Leonid may be into nature, as he spends most of his time in the Bio Dome.

In an attempt to convince the Cosmonauts to turn against the Blisk, Crypto bodysnatches him when he is about to give a speech inside the Cosmonaut Base. Crypto manages to succeed, causing the Blisk to barge in and battle the cosmonauts. After this, he leaves his body to escape the violence. However, he makes no further appearances in the game.


  • Pull yourself together, Leonid. Khrushchev always said "The proletariat are like dogs; they can smell fear, even in a vaccuum", nyet? You mustn't let them know we've lost all control of Solaris! (inner thoughts)



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