Cosmonaut Leonid is a Russian scientist/KGB agent in Solaris. Voiced by Jim Meskimen.
Cosmonaut Lenoid

Cosmonaut Lenoid


Leonid was popular with the Cosmonauts as he was mentioned several times in their thoughts and the game's story. Crypto bodysnatches him to convince the Cosmonauts that the Blisk are not to be trusted. If Crypto succeeds, the Blisk barge in and battle the cosmonauts. Crypto leaves and ditches his disguise. It's unknown what became of Leonid after that.


  • "Pull yourself together, Leonid. Kruschchev always said: the proletariat are like dogs: they can smell fear- even in a vaccuum, nyet? You musn't let them know we've lost all control of Solaris!" (inner thoughts)



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