The Cops are enemies in the first game of the series Destroy All Humans!.


They are the police force in the first game and are basic enemies Crypto fights. They will come at you when the alert level reaches "yellow" on the Police Badge. If they aren't enough, the alert level will reach orange and the Military will come in. They can be found all over Rockwell, Santa Modesta and Union Town. All cops speak in a distinctive Irish accent.


  • "Go ahead, make my day." (inner thoughts)
  • "I wonder if I ought to hit somebody with my nightstick. Could be fun." (inner thoughts)
  • "Well it was either busting crooks or go back and get my doctorate in Quantum Physics." (inner thoughts)
  • "I love a man in uniform. Oh wait, I'am a man in uniform! Ha, ha, ha, ha!" (inner thoughts)
  • "Back the badge, bee-owtch!"
  • "Trick o treat, punk!"
  • "Eat pork, biatch!"
  • "Who loves ye, spaceman?"
  • "You think I'm scared of you and your big, muscley arms..."
  • "Halloween huh? Well, I came as a cop."
  • "I know your out there..."
  • "Geez, this is worst than that one time she ate them funny mushrooms. Good thing we got backup coming." (inner thoughts)
  • "I AM THE LAW!!!" (inner thoughts)
  • "Who was it, was it you?"
  • "Come out, come out, where ever you are..."
  • "Today is a great day to use excessive force, heck, everyday is a great day to use excessive force!" (inner thoughts)
  • "My mind says Marilyn, but my nightstick says Bettie Page."
  • "Bill of Rights? Who the hell needs a Bill of Rights? I'm Bill, and I'm right!"
  • "Attention, please step away from the flaming police officer! That is all, thanks for your co-operation!" (set on fire)



  • They only appear in Turnipseed Farm once to help Martha Turnipseed, which were only two cops. After they are both killed by Crypto, no other Cops come to the area, even if the alert level reaches to the Police awareness.
  • The cops seen in Destination Earth are the only cops that speak in American accents, similar to the one heard in police scanners.