The Canal Side Mob

The Canal Side Mob

The Canal Side Mob is a Hippie gang in Albion from Destroy All Humans! 2


The Canal Side Mob are a large group of mod hippies that embrace music (preferably Motown Records) and fashion.

In the Arkvoodle Cult, Crypto disguises himself as their leader, Lionel, and tries to convince the mods to join the Cult of Arkvoodle. Crypto brings up to them that Arkvoodle has the best collection of soul music they have never heard of. The Canal Side Mob question Crypto as to who Arkvoodle listens to and Crypto answers to them Blind Willie Syphilis. Crypto then tells them that Arkvoodle can predict the future and knows what's fashionable, but they don't buy into it. Crypto then brings up the fact that Arkvoodle is an ancient alien god and then they are finally interested. Crypto then reveals his true form, but they are unimpressed. They say they'll only join the cult if Crypto brings them back some alien music, which is said that the Pirate DJ has.

After Crypto retrieves the Gastro's music datacore and kills the Pirate DJ, they finally join the cult.


  • Lionel (leader)
  • Lionel's brother



  • Both members Crypto disguised for the Canal Side Mob and the Stoned Poseurs wore pink sunglasses.


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