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The Businesswomen are urban civilians from Bay City in Destroy All Humans! 2. Voiced by Paula Tiso.


The Businesswomen are hard working women who actually hate their jobs and like the American Men, they have very shady thoughts. They can be commonly found in Bay City.


  • "God I love the pill. And no more pesky monthlies!"
  • "I'll to stick to pills thanks."
  • "I need me a Simon and Garfunkel sandwich."
  • "Feed my head! Feed my head!"
  • "God, I need a score."
  • "Alright, i'm finally liberated-Now what?"
  • "Yes master, point!" (when using Follow)
  • "Strange days have found us."
  • "I'd do Goldie."
  • "Like to play rough?" (when bumped into)
  • "The geek convention is right down the street." (when bumped into)

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