Bully Boffman is the leader of The Yappies and a minor character in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Crypto, while trying to convert The Yappies into the Cult of Arkvoodle, disguises as Bully and organizes a meeting in an attempt to convey them into worshiping Arkvoodle. Despite the fact that The Yappies believed that Bully was hallucinating, Crypto drops out of Bully's disguise to show his real form. The Yappies told Crypto that if he wants them to believe Arkvoodle, he should put minibuses on rooftops in the city. Bully is not seen afterwards

He is also mentioned in a conversation between a couple of Bay City cops. A cop pointed out that his name sounds stupid, however the other cop said it wasn't exactly his fault because he's a hippie, causing the two to ridicule hippies.

Mission Appearances



  • Despite wielding a shotgun, he does not use it against Crypto. This is also the case for several other mission givers that have guns.
  • He shares his model with a hippie in Bay City, the only difference being that Bully wears black sunglasses and a golden necklace with a golden peace symbol.