The planet Beedleblat was a planet Pox conquered in his career as a Furon fleet commander. It was the home planet of the hyperdimensional Insectoids race.


In the Odd Job of Bay City, Pox mentioned this planet while berating the Space Traffic Control worker, saying that he was enslaving hyperdimensional Insectoids in the dunghills of Beedleblat while the Space Traffic Control worker was still very young. Not much else is known about this planet or it's inhabitants. It's also unclear what became of them.


  • It's possible that the Insectoids are similar to Dung Beetles since Pox mentions that they had dunghills and that the name of the planet is spelt similar to the insect species' name.
  • This planet, Zarcon-5 and Tharsis Mons are so far the only known planets (besides Furon) to be outside of Sol-3.


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