Bay City Soldiers are the main military force in Bay City.


The Bay City Soldiers are basic Crypto encounters in Bay City. They will come at you between yellow alert levels, thought they don't bring in Tanks or SAM Launchers until the alert level raches orange. They are equipped with machine guns, rocket laucnhers, greandes, pistols and rifles. 

They seem to really enjoy their job and utterly detest hippies. They have an army base and will shoot anybody who tries to go their unauthorized. They are led by Sergeant Fauxhall


  • "I want my gravity back!" (when using PK)
  • "If I wanted to fly I'd join the freaking Air Force!" (when using PK)
  • "Do I look like a jet jockey to you?" (when using PK)
  • "Goddamn liberals!"
  • "WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!" (when using PK)
  • "Is that my girlfriend?"
  • "Oh god, were all going to die."
  • "I will destroy this country if I have to save it!" (inner thoughts)
  • "Happiness is a warm gun." (inner thoughts)
  • "Is that all there is to it? Is there nothing else? Ugh..." (inner thoughts)
  • "Drop your weapon!"
  • "Di di mau, dick!"
  • "This is for Armquist!"
  • "Interfering with the military?"


  • A rare model of a hatless soldier can sometimes be found after flying in the Saucer. He has a slightly lighter facial structure in comparison to the hatted soldiers.


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