Bay City Cops are the police force of Bay City in Destroy All Humans! 2


The Bay City Cops are the basic police force Crypto encounters in Bay City. They will search for Crypto during blue alert levels in Police cars (though some of them are seen patrolling during the green alert levels). They are equipped with pistols and shotguns. 

The cops themselves appear to dislike their job, having thoughts of giving up to become hippies, or showing disdain towards other citizens. However, they seem to be more-or-less rather competent police officers.


Fighting enemy

  • "Hold it right there, pal."
  • "Damn donuts!"
  • "Move your ass, fatty!"
  • "Fine, less paperwork for me!"
  • "I could do this all night, I'm not proud!"
  • "Moron!"
  • "Imbecile!"
  • "I love the smell of patchouli in the morning."
  • "That's right, cry to mommy!"
  • "Come back here and fight like a human!"
  • "Go back to Sacramento!"
  • "Drop the cop, asshole!" (being lifted using Psychokinesis)
  • "There's a Floyd song in this somewhere..."
  • "When pigs fly, get it?"
  • "I'd hate to have your electric bill." (electrocuted)
  • "Shocking!"
  • "It's electrifying!"
  • "I'll never beat another suspect again I swear!" (after witnessing Meteor Strike)
  • "I'll pay back the money, I swear!"
  • "Did you see that brain pop?" (after using Extract on someone)
  • "I think I'm gonna hurl..."

Inner Thoughts

  • "Ah, these are the people I protect and serve, how I hate them so."
  • "Fascist hardass by day, drag queen by night. God I love this town!"
  • "What's with this "pig" thing? Am I putting on weight?"
  • "If only there was some way I could unleash my inner Hippie."
  • "Laugh it up, hippies. God forbid you should have to work for a living."
  • "Drop your weapon!"