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The Bay-City African American Hippies are Hippies from Bay City and the second type of main male hippies. Voiced by Phil Morris.
Bay City African-American Hippie

A Bay City African-American Hippie



The Bay-City African American Hippies are the second main type of male Hippies found in Bay City. They appear to be a little smarter then most other hippies in Bay City and are also very sarcastic.  


  • "Aww, hell no." (when being lifted off the ground by PK)
  • "Honky." (inner thoughts)
  • "Right on." (when using Follow )
  • "Psyche."
  • "Cracker." (inner thoughts)
  • "Dead honky." (inner thoughts)
  • "Yeah, it's big." (inner thoughts)
  • "My favorite Jackson? Gotta be Michael. He just seems so normal." (inner thoughts)
  • "You gotta alien inside you!" (when witnessing Body Snatch)
  • "That's seriously messed up."


  • A picture of a Bay City African-American Hippie appears on the cover of a magazine on Albion.


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