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The Atomic Bomb is a weapon from Destroy All Humans!
The Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb


In Destroy All Humans! Pox assigns Crypto to dispose of General Armquist and the Army base in Area 42 as whole with a weapon capable of destroying the entire area. Fortunately, an experimental Atomic Bomb is nearby. Crypto then hypnotizes the truck driver into driving the armed truck to the Air Force base in Area 42. Crypto then carefully escorts the truck all the way there. Soldiers and scientists try to disarm the bomb, but it is no use. Crypto then escapes.

Moments after Crypto leaves, the bomb ignites. Although General Armquist and a few Military officers survive, Area 42 is completely destroyed.


  • It is not only the most powerful weapon in the game it is also the most powerful game in the series period.
  • It also the most powerful man-made weapon.
  • It is one of the few land vehicles that Crypto cannot use PK on, due to how heavy it is. 



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