The Army General is one of the Joint Chiefs of the United States.


He first appears in the game as one of the observers of the Air Force's Saucer demonstration in Area 42, sometime before the Atomic Bomb was detonated.

He is later seen again at Union Town, where he is supposed to back up Armquist's plan. However the Navy Admiral (who is actually Crypto in disguise) convinces both him and the Air Force General not to help Armquist. He then leaves with his troops.


  • "Omar Bradley? Five stars? You gotta be kidding me. Now MacArthur I can see..." (inner thoughts)
  • "By God, Armquist's right! We can't let an act like that go unchallenged! You've got my support General!" (If the player is unsuccessful)
  • "He's right General. Kids may lack discipline, but their not communists. I think your making too much of all this." (If the player is successful)



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