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The American Men are urban civilians from Bay City in Destroy All Humans! 2. Voiced by Jason Harris.


The American Men are neurotic and hard working men that often have shady thoughts. They seem to really dislike hippies. They can be commonly found overall Bay City.


  • "But I don't wanna get high." (when using PK)
  • "Goddamn hippies!"
  • "What is so exactly "uncool" about soap?"
  • "I swear, setting a perfectly good guitar like that on fire- it's positively wasteful!"
  • "Enough of this crap- i'm going home to shoot up."
  • "If only I were black. Or a chick. Or a black chick. Yeah, that be far out."
  • "Mommy!" (when using Meteor Strike)
  • "I wonder if my Nudist Monthly came today."
  • "You know I should just quit my job!"
  • "Good thing I'm a mindless drone!" (when using Follow)
  • "Stupid hippies. Probably having fun right this second."



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