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• 1/5/2019

Do Furons have an afterlife?

I'm curious as they have a God (Arkvoodle) and a Devil (Dodecalypse) but in "Destroy All Humans! 2" Crypto tried - before stopping as he felt we weren't ready - to tell a group of Hippies that they don't have souls.

As such, if Furons do have an afterlife, how do you think it works?

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• 9/18/2018

Returning Weapons

As seen in Path of the Furon, weapons besides the originals from the first game can reappear.
If there will ever be a fifth installment to the series, what weapons would be interesting to see return?
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• 2/14/2018

Your ideas for a future "Destroy All Humans!" game?

I don't know whether it will be a fourth or fifth game (is BWU canon?) but I thought in the even that we actually do get another game, what would you like to see (Putting aside the obvious updates like good graphics and a fully destructible environment)?

I'm putting some of my own ideas forward here:

1. "Set it in the 1980's": If done right, this could work brilliantly as the 80's are often a fondly remembered decade for many (or at least from a rose-tinted perspective). While I can't compare as I didn't live through the 80's (I'm a 90's kid), I think there's a lot of material you can borrow from both for entertainment and for making a good story.

2. "Give Crypto some unarmed fighting moves": Don't get me wrong, the alien weapons are all cool and so are Crypto's psychic powers, but there are plenty of times I wish we could just throw a punch at some of the villains we encounter. My idea is to give Crypto a martial-art fighting style but one that incorporates his psychokinesis (for increasing his strength, attacking multiple foes at once, etc.) and later even his weapons (such as psychokinetically slamming several foes into the air, before pulling out dual Disintegrator Rays and blasting them all while they're still airborne). In addition, give him some close range weapons to use (I'm thinking a cross between a lightsaber and He-Man's sword as one example).

3. "Allow Crypto to drive vehicles": Even if this is restricted just to when Crypto is in a human form (which I feel should be a combination of body snatching and possibly reading minds to keep you in the human body longer like the original game), I think it would be a positive benefit to the game then just having to run around or do numerous long jumps with your jetpack - which gets tedious after a while. An addition would be Crypto been able to take over other vehicles that are partially/fully alien, including Mech suits and other craft.

4. "Hover/Flight mode for Crypto's Jetpack": An addition/alternative to Crypto been able to drive. This case would involve Crypto been able to switch from his Jetpack's default hover mode and switch into a flight mode that would be able to propel Crypto along at faster speed. At first you wouldn't be able to steer and would be limited to the fuel amount, but later would be able to steer while in flight mode and unlock unlimited/near unlimited fuel. I would also recommend a similar mode for Crypto's saucer as it moves tediously slow when we have seen in the cut-scenes that it can move much faster.

5. "Better Multiplayer and Online Play": I think this would be a welcome addition, especially as Path of the Furon's multiplayer was a big letdown and online could be a fun experience.


These are just a few ideas I have. What about you guys?
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• 1/1/2018

What State do you think President Huffman was from?

Okay, so I was wondering recently what state Huffman would've likely come from. For the sake of the fact that he is more based on President Kennedy than the other Presidents mentioned, I figured he would come from a state on the East Coast. Also, I would find it highly unlikely that he would come from California since Nixon (his opponent) was from there. Share your thoughts.
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• 11/25/2017

Who would win in this fight...

Roboprez (Destroy all Humans!) vs. Kojira (Destroy all Humans! 2) vs. Kluckin's Robot (DAH! Big Willy Unleashed) vs. Nexo Squid (Destroy all Humans! 3).
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• 12/1/2016
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